IQ Technology

IQ Technology from MACCHIAVALLEY offers you top performance in coffee quality, profitability and sustainability. Brewing process, ease of use and service are the hallmarks of MACCHIAVALLEY research permanently optimised. You inspire your customers with unique brewing and extraction quality and at the same time benefit from perfect conditions in the capacity performance, durability, energy consumption and maintenance convenience.

Premium quality components for your success

Longlife Brewing Unit

LongLife Brewing Unit

Lasting quality – without compromise

The quality of the actively heated LongLife Brewing Unit is not defined only through extreme durability and low follow-up costs, but also through the high beverage quality. The contact pressure of the ground material is electronically controlled speed regulation optimally adapted to the individual beverage product. Thanks to VarioPerfect, customised extraction quality for every coffee speciality and every type of bean guaranteed. A preventive check of the LongLife Brewing Unit is only required after more than 60,000 withdrawals.

Heatexchange Boiler

HeatExchange Boiler

Less energy consumption and lasting high performance

Pure innovation. The HeatExchange Boiler concept does yet allow unknown performance characteristics and reduces energy costs. The combination of a boiler and a heat exchanger additionally reduces the cleaning and maintenance effort.

I Touchscreen Display

i-TouchScreen Display

Intuitive user guidance

The new 7 inch TFT display with i-TouchScreen fundamentally changes and simplifies the user guidance and the setting options. All machine parameters and beverage settings can be adjusted quickly and easily. Product images and purchase recommendations can be attractively placed on the high-resolution colour display.

Comfort Multiflow

Comfort MultiFlow

Unadulterated taste – as standard

Coffee, chocolate and milk are dispensed via separate double openings from a central, attractively shaped and practical spout. Even with coffee-chocolate milk combination products, two cups can always be filled at the same time.