Single-group screen carrier espresso machines with professional technology, a must for the style-conscious espresso lover!

The art of preparing coffee in a compact way. The EXCELSIA series convinces with sophisticated professional technology in a perfect stainless steel design. For the best quality in the cup and fast, convenient preparation of excellent espressi and creamy cappuccini.

ab 1.949,00

  • Double circuit machine with boiler. Double circuit machine with boiler**.The water is not forced through a thermoblock in a rapid cycle, but is heated in a boiler. The water for the espresso comes fresh from the cold water tank in a separate circuit, is passed through a heat exchanger through the hot boiler, heated to the required temperature and then passed on to the brewing group.
  • E61 brewing group. The Excelsia features the legendary E61 brewing group made of solid chrome-plated brass, which changed the world of coffee. It is heated by a fine system of water channels and transfers this heat evenly to the espresso grounds. In this way it extracts a quick, hot espresso, with the possibility of reducing the acidity of the beans by pre-infusion.
  • PowerSteam Boiler
  • 1 Steam tap and 1 Hot water outlet, can be used at the same time as coffee.
  • Excelsia HEwith vibration pump and 3-litre tank as basic machine for demanding baristi with everything needed for best taste quality.
  • Excelsia HER with rotary pump plus the option of switching between tank and fixed water, suitable for both stationary and mobile use. The rotary pump has the advantage over the already very high-quality vibration pump of being even more robust at lower noise levels. Due to the fixed water option and rotary pump, the HER is also slightly longer and heavier than the HE or the VB.
  • Excelsia VB as Barista version with VarioBoiler system: brewing and steam temperature can be set separately and independently. With the possibility of setting the water temperature, the ambitious barista can once again achieve the last word in taste optimisation. A rather boring roast can reveal flavours that would otherwise remain hidden by raising the temperature by 1-2 degrees.
Weight 20-25 kg
Dimensions 31 × 43 × 44 cm



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