The Bestsave M water conditioner for your NEVIS from Macchiavalley and guarantees pleasure and perfect aroma!

The Bestsave water conditioner for your NEVIS by Macchiavalley Bestsave provides reliable limescale protection for your NEVIS, ensuring perfect aroma every time.

Scope of delivery: 1x Bestsave M (100L)


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Due to its composition, normal tap water can lead to changes in the taste of your coffee product. By using Bestsave water conditioners, these tap-related substances, as well as chlorine, are safely removed.
Bestsave M provide reliable limescale protection for your NEVIS, ensuring perfect aroma every time.

Safety notice:
Change the conditioner as prompted in the display (after 2 months at the latest). Please follow the operating instructions. Clean the tank regularly.
Use only cold water of drinking quality.

Notes on use & application:
Before using Bestsave M, please decalcify the coffee machine (of course not for new devices).
Operate only with cold water of drinking quality.

Storage & disposal:
Store water conditioner only in closed packaging. Protect from moisture and direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.
Used water conditioner can be disposed of with everyday household waste.

Period of use:
Bestsave M has a typical treatment capacity of 100 liters. These values apply to an average carbon hardness of 10°KH. The typical number of cups correspond to Bestsave M. Please refer to the table or operating instructions to determine the water hardness.
Decarbonized (decalcified) water contains free carbonic acid due to the process. After treatment, do not use installations made of copper or nickel or zinc plating.

Water / H20 is a food product that should be consumed regularly. Therefore please fill up the tank regularly, if necessary empty and clean it before.
If you are officially requested to boil your drinking water, please also use filtered boiled water. Immunocompromised persons should also generally boil filtered water before consumption.


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