Infinite variety of enjoyment for you and your guests

Coffee stands for an infinitely diverse world of enjoyment. We have put together a small selection of coffee specialities, where you can experience MACCHIAVALLEY’s perfect brewing technology for masterly results.

  • Café Ristretto
    An extra strong, shortened espresso, with slightly higher dosage and more powerful contact pressure.
  • Café Lungo
    A longer, not too strong espresso, with a little more water scalded.
  • Corretto
    An espresso with a shot of alcohol, e.g. amaretto, grappa or brandy.
  • Latte Macchiato
    Hot milk, an espresso and frothed milk in roughly equal parts in a glass, ideally in three layers.
  • Cappuccino
    One third each of espresso, hot milk and milk foam, prepared in a cup.
  • Café Latte
    A cappuccino with a higher quantity of milk, prepared in a larger lattes coffee cup.